25 new e-commerce clients & 57 qualified calls in 30 days

Case Study: 25 new ecommerce clients for Isifid
Time: 4 Weeks
Company: Isifid

Isifid, a marketplace for e-commerce businesses, was looking to expand its portfolio. Despite their partnerships with major brands such as Adidas, they wanted to expand their reach and attract more brands and online businesses to strengthen their position in the EU market.

How did we help them?

To help Isifid achieve its growth objectives, we have developed and implemented a customized cold-email strategy. We reach out to thousands of CMOs and CEOs of renowned e-commerce brands every month on their behalf. This strategy has resulted in 25 new clients in 30 days.

Mavericks Media - 18 Qualified Calls in 20 days (content agency)

Case Study: Content agency – 18 calls in 20 days
Time: 20 days
Company: Mavericks Media

DryDesert: 11 Calls in 3 weeks → 1 Closed Deal + more in the pipeline

Case Study: 11 calls and 1 client in 3 weeks
Time: 3 Weeks
Company: DryDesert
  • DryDesert is a demo-video agency for SaaS businesses. The business was built on the back of inbound leads and word of mouth.
  • After generating 11 qualified appointments, they closed their first deal 3 weeks after the start of our collaboration.

Zaid : 15k$ closed deal + his first 6 calls from outbound in our first week

Case Study: 1 closed deal and 6 booked call in 1 week 
Time: 1 Week
Company: Zaid
Zaid runs a web-design agency for service based businesses.

  • His lead flow was inconsistent and mainly coming from Twitter.

  • He tried using cold-email as an acquisition channel for months but couldn’t make it work.

  • When he came to us, we changed the entire targeting strategy and positioned his offer as unique and superior to what is currently known in his market.

  • After 2 weeks of campaigns, we’ve generated 10 qualified appointments for his team and he closed one deal. Each project is worth $15k+ 

Florian Ragnar Email - 3 Ecommerce Clients signed and 11 calls in 30 days

Case Study: 11 qualified calls and 3 deals in 30 days
Time: 4 Weeks
Company: Ragnar Email

Florian is the founder of Ragnar Email, an email and SMS marketing agency targeting e-commerce brands. He worked with more than 300+ brands and was relying on word of mouth and referrals mainly.

How did we help them?

We’ve used a free audit cold e-mail strategy to generate discovery calls for his sales team. Leveraging his case studies and expertise we’ve managed to generate 11 calls with CEOs and CMOs in 30 days that led to 3 signed deals for Ragnar Email

Comtazic: 25 Qualified meetings in 30 days with CMOs and CEOs

Case Study: 25 qualified calls in 30 days
Time: 4 Weeks
Company: Comtazic

Comtazic is a marketing agency in the music industry. They were struggling to get qualified calls at scale to sell their services and they were doing everything manually.

How did we help them?

We put in place our advanced SDR system that generated 25 qualified meetings in the first 30 days.

Advanced prospecting system to contact 17,000+ dentists and clinics

Case Study: 17,000+ Prospects for 3DCelo
Time: 1 Month
Company: 3DCelo

3DCelo, a company specializing in providing equipment and services for dentists and dental clinics, wanted to expand its reach and generate more qualified leads. Before approaching us, they were struggling with their outreach, which limited their growth and ability to create new business opportunities.

How did we help them?

Implementation of a prospecting system using cold email to contact 17,000 prospects without falling into spam or violating the RGPD laws. We’ve set up their cold-email infrastructure with one purpose: bringing more qualified leads to their sales team.